Minor flaws diminish FFA Cup coverage

The Fox Sports coverage of the FFA Cup is fantastic. Full camera main game coverage, goal updates from other grounds and great studio coverage but they’ve been caught offside with one simple decision.

Broadcasting A-League teams when you don’t need to.

I understand there are going to be days where only A-League teams are playing and for obvious reasons it’s Westfield_FFA_Cup_logounavoidable but when there is an all NPL clash, that’s what I want to see.

Why? Because the FFA Cup is about the experiences for NPL teams they aren’t going to have every week. Balmain won’t get to play the Victory every week, but the Victory are going to be on TV every week. It’s a tough break for Balmain, but South Hobart and Sydney United or Gungahlin United and Sydney United should have been the broadcast game last night.

As a football fan I want to see the little guys getting the exposure. Show me the 2015 South Springvale over the reigning A-League champs – purely because there is a greater entertainment value in games where you have two unknowns than one unknown and one known (Balmain lost 6-0, South Hobart and Sydney United went to penalties and Sydney Olympic needed an 82nd minute winner to see of Gungahlin).

It’s great to see the magazine style show “Field to Dreams”(awful movie ripoff alert) before the pre-game coverage, but do I really need a 15 minute infomercial on the history of an A-League club? No. There is no new information. When the opportunity presents the most important thing is to give consumers information they don’t know, not a story they’ve heard multiple times.

Tonight sees another night of action with Sorrento FC and Sydney FC the main broadcast game, the Northern Territory have their first foray into the Round of 32 when Darwin Olympic face Adelaide United, Rockdale City face Perth SC and the Croydon Kings take on the Queensland Lions to round out the action.

Needless to say – there are games I’d rather be watching.


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