The Irish are coming


Notre Dame will have my support in Miami.

OK, coming might not be the right word to use after Notre Dame worked their way to a perfect season and place in the National Title game by rolling USC last weekend.

What the Fighting Irish have managed to do though, is finally prove that they were able to get through a regular season without choking.

I wish I could be a little more delicate, but for as long as I’ve watched Notre Dame, they have done nothing but underachieve.

This is a big part of the reason that when they head to Miami, they’ll have me in their corner.

Not convinced yet that you should do the same ? Well let me help you.

  • They aren’t an SEC team :: Stay tuned for an actual anti-SEC rant, but why would you go for a school from a conference that has had representation in the last 7 deciders ?
  • Independence Day :: Unless you think Army, Navy or BYU are good enough to make the BCS title game, then this is the only independent / mid major school (at this point in time) that you are likely to see play for the whole package, who doesn’t like the underdog (even though they’ll go in ranked #1) ?
  • Manti Te’o :: If this guy doesn’t pick up the Heisman then I hate to tell you but we’ve all been conned. The former High School player of the year is obviously the best player in the country and a big part of the reason ND have a chance to win their first title since 1988 (3 years before Te’o was born). Oh, the guy is also going top pick in the draft in April, feel free to quote me on that.
  • This could kill the BCS :: Sure, ND going undefeated isn’t as good as every team losing a game, but imagine the uproar if a team who don’t even have a conference to call home can topple the might that is the SEC. It might just cause a few people to open their eyes.

There were many times that it didn’t seem the Irish were good enough, but now they’ve got their chance and I can’t wait to see what they can do.




BC$ Bu$ting

Kansas State had National Title hopes before last weekends loss to Baylor.

Enough’s enough.

I absolutely hate the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in College Football.

I’ve no problem with a system that rewards teams who deserves to be in the position to play for a National Title, but as far as i’m aware it’s not the SEC VS Best of the rest, but more on my dislike of the SEC down the track.

I’m a Boise State Bronco at heart, wound up like that after my sister went to College in Idaho and I had a Euphoric feeling when they beat OU in the 2007 Feista Bowl.

Since then i’ve had people tell me my school plays weak teams, we don’t deserve our shot, we don’t have the talent that big schools have, or and my personal favourite “You guys run nothing but trick plays”.

Sure, this year is the worst year for me to make a case about BSU and the BCS from a personal standpoint, Joe Southwick is detached from normality and it has hurt us bad, among many other continual problems.

But let’s look at some of the teams BSU have beaten in years since we “fooled” our way on to the map::

2008 :: Boise State 37  #12 Oregon 32 ( Away)

2009 :: #14 Boise State 19 #16 Oregon 8 (Home)

2009 :: #4 BSU 17 #6 TCU 10 (Bowl game)

2010 :: #5  BSU 33 #6 Virginia Tech 30 (Away)

2011 ::  #7 BSU 35 #22 Georgia 21 (Away)


Not bad for a school who doesn’t play anyone. Fun fact, The 14 points the Ducks scored last weekend against Stanford marks the fewest points scored since the 2009 game against BSU.

Anyway back to the BCS.

All well and good if you’re in an AQ Conference that isn’t the Big East (although given defections to the B1G i’m not sure what the Big East actually represents now, it’s not big and a lot of it’s teams aren’t based in the east.

Notre Dame have the Championship game on a plate, beat USC this weekend, who are without Matt Barkley, and the majority of the college football world (myself included) will be taking the side of the Irish when they head to Miami.

There are some who think that a Notre Dame loss to USC is the best thing that could happen for the BCS, because there cannot be a zero loss team in the title game, to this I say, all well and good but I have a feeling that the BCS powers don’t want an independent school in there any more than they want a school from a mid-major conference.

I will say this, while a four team playoff will be great when it comes in, all it is going to do is benefit those same big schools (USC, Texas, Bama, OU, LSU, Florida, et al.), because they know they can make the playoffs with a loss, so they are yet again protected to the end of the earth.

The South-Eastern Conference is a wonderful place, if you you reside there, that is.

Not since USC and Texas took on one another in the Rose Bowl have we seen a NT game without representation from the self-anointed gods of the gridiron.

If they want to do a playoff the right way, you need to have all conference champions (regardless of status of conference) to get your 11/12 playoff teams plus the next best 4, based off the coaches poll.

Seed them 1-16 based off their coaches poll rankings, throw them in a bracket and there you go.

If it took me 5 minutes to think of this why are there people spending millions who can’t figure it out ? Oh they want to protect their Alma Mata… Of course.

All the common sense in the world can’t save those who are in charge of saving one of the greatest spectacles in the world, so hang on for the ride because it’s going to be interesting.