The Irish are coming


Notre Dame will have my support in Miami.

OK, coming might not be the right word to use after Notre Dame worked their way to a perfect season and place in the National Title game by rolling USC last weekend.

What the Fighting Irish have managed to do though, is finally prove that they were able to get through a regular season without choking.

I wish I could be a little more delicate, but for as long as I’ve watched Notre Dame, they have done nothing but underachieve.

This is a big part of the reason that when they head to Miami, they’ll have me in their corner.

Not convinced yet that you should do the same ? Well let me help you.

  • They aren’t an SEC team :: Stay tuned for an actual anti-SEC rant, but why would you go for a school from a conference that has had representation in the last 7 deciders ?
  • Independence Day :: Unless you think Army, Navy or BYU are good enough to make the BCS title game, then this is the only independent / mid major school (at this point in time) that you are likely to see play for the whole package, who doesn’t like the underdog (even though they’ll go in ranked #1) ?
  • Manti Te’o :: If this guy doesn’t pick up the Heisman then I hate to tell you but we’ve all been conned. The former High School player of the year is obviously the best player in the country and a big part of the reason ND have a chance to win their first title since 1988 (3 years before Te’o was born). Oh, the guy is also going top pick in the draft in April, feel free to quote me on that.
  • This could kill the BCS :: Sure, ND going undefeated isn’t as good as every team losing a game, but imagine the uproar if a team who don’t even have a conference to call home can topple the might that is the SEC. It might just cause a few people to open their eyes.

There were many times that it didn’t seem the Irish were good enough, but now they’ve got their chance and I can’t wait to see what they can do.