Failure at Fenway?

The Red Sox can win the World Series in 2015. Even though they are less than half a dozen games out of place with over one hundred games remaining the fact of the matter is that probably isn’t going to happen.

But it’s not going to happen for 28 other franchises either. What makes Red Sox fans so special they think the whole team should be blown up and everything is worse than it has ever been? Nothing. It’s all about perspective.

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. My favourite saying and something that should be being blasted through the Red Sox clubhouse.

Five years away from Fenway is too long

Five years away from Fenway is too long

Obviously 24-31 isn’t where you want to be after 55 games but that’s not the end of the world. Baseball is a sport which is built around streaks. The bats will be hot, the arms will be hot and if we’re lucky we’ll see them both at the same time.

Fans refusing to spend money on the team or watch until they get better doesn’t solve anything. In fact all it does is create an image for the fan base (newsflash: we’re already unpopular). Do people think the players enjoy losing, or that they aren’t trying on purpose? No. That’s sport, there’s always going to be a loser. If fans don’t like that then there are plenty of other hobbies to take up.

Sure, I’m frustrated. I’m not frustrated because we’re 24-31 though. I’m frustrated because the expectation is there that we are going to go 162-0, everything is perfect and Ortiz will be the next President of the United States. In what universe is that possible? (Ortiz for President shouldn’t be ruled out at this point).

Do we need to pull out the failure stamp for 2015, fire Farrell and release Sandoval because he’s defensively weak (something our owners knew when they signed him)? No, we don’t. If you want Farrell fired feel free to tell me who he should be replaced with, because there aren’t many people better than Farrell who currently don’t have a job .

My perspective is warped. It’s five years next Friday since I’ve been to a game at Fenway. That’s frustrating too. Fans who all of a sudden don’t want to go and take living near the Sox for granted? They frustrate me. Embrace what you have, there are thousands of international fans who would take your place in a heartbeat.

I love it when my teams are good. Part of the reason I love it is because it doesn’t happen very often, and if it wasn’t for the Sox then my success rate would be worse than it already is. Even when the Red Sox are bad I love them.  There’s something magical about watching them whether they win or lose. Eight championships in 114 years (all of which have come in bunches) suggest that we’re a run of the mill franchise. When you’re hit or miss over 100+ years, you’ll have hit or miss seasons. 2015 at this point will probably turn into a miss, but don’t ink it in yet. Keep the faith.

Why? Because the rest of the A.L East are average too. If this roster can perform to their capabilities for the second half of the season we are going to be in the mix when it matters, and as the Kansas City Royals showed us last year, anything is possible.


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