A family affair

Monday morning will see the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49er’s go at it for the ultimate prize in American sports, and while it is set to be a cracker game, I don’t feel the excitement that I have in the previous years.

If it wasn’t for the John and Jim Harbaugh factor, I don’t think I could be remotely excited about this game, and for me this is the biggest storyline there is.

Forget Ray Lewis playing in his last ever game, forget the fact the Niners have never lost on the biggest stage.

Why ?

Because Ray Lewis would probably be serving 25 to life if he wasn’t a footballer and the Niners are a team who I have grown up with a dislike of (never mind what Colin Kaepernick did to Boise St. while he was at Nevada).

Rather than looking from the perspective of teams, I’m seeing the best attack vs the best defence in the league and a game which will be won by the team that can assert themselves early.

The Ravens have looked good in coming from behind the last two weeks, and while the Niners did the same against the Falcons in Atlanta, I was less impressed as I watched Matt Ryan continue to be one of the worst performing playoff QB’s in recent memory (Ryan is 1-4 in five playoff appearances).

It’s all about two brothers. Every kid does it in the backyard, coaching or playing against your sibling to win a title and Monday morning will see the fantasy come to life.

Jim and John know the other inside out, know what makes the other tick and  the situations they are likely to take risks in.

I feel the risk factor is bigger than any other, because there will be a point in the game where one side is going to need to risk it and I am almost certain the opposition sideline will have the perfect counter planned.

This could be the best Superbowl of the last decade, because who knows you better than family ?


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