Can we focus on sport for a second ?

The now famous gun photo featuring Australian Swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk.

The Olympic Games is supposedly the best two-week period every four years for sports fans. Not that’d you’d know it if you lived in Australia during the London Games.

If Australians do one thing well besides competing in sport, it’s creating a level of off-field drama to go with it.

First it was Stilnox, Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk took photos with some guns, then Natalie Cook chipped in about who should carry the flag and this was all before we’d seen action in London.

Since the action kicked off last Friday we’ve seen many of our athletes criticised for only finishing second, Boxer Damien Hooper find himself at the centre of a uniform debate and Rower and rower Josh Booth was arrested and then hospitalised after collapsing in custody.

To be honest, I’ve had enough.

Athletes supposedly work their whole life to be an Olympian yet some of them are happy to throw it away over absolutely nothing.

What’s worse than this is the fact that many fantastic performances are being overlooked, because the majority of the media love a story where someone does something wrong.

There is obviously no need to focus on the likes of Christian Sprenger, who came from nowhere to grab Silver, or eighteen year-old Jessica Fox who also won Silver, in the K1 Slalom event and said post race that being at the Olympics let alone winning a medal was beyond her wildest dreams.

This is what the Olympics are about, yet more of the focus is being dragged from stories like Fox and Sprenger.

Winning is nice, but it isn’t everything.

What I would love to see for the last ten days of the Olympics is that the athletes and media who are in London for the Games focus solely on that.

Let’s try to make the second week of this sporting christmas what it is intended to be.

I want athletes who are proud to wear their colours, journalists who are able to tell a story that most don’t know exist and broadcasters who make me feel like I am right there watching the action unfold.

Because that’s what the Olympics is meant to be about.


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